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All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup

What’s going on this week with Apple? More product rumors, more patents and more excitement for what’s to come!

Can You Hear That? Music Technology from Macworld/iWorld 2014

Want to take your sound to the next level? Check out some of these products.


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup

This week was full of speculations on Apple products and what might be announced in June. From the new iWatch to the next generations of the iPhone and iPad, here’s what you missed.

Appalooza 2014: Some Standout Apps

Appalooza is one of the crowdest and busiest sections of the Expo Hall during Macworld/iWorld. Focused around iOS and OS X apps, the categories span from software security, photography, games, organization and many more.


The Power of Combining iBeacons & Passbook

Macworld/iWorld 2014 was the first event to host a beacon-powered scavenger hunt without requiring participants to download an app.

Photo Accessories for Your iPhone

As iPhone photography, or iPhoneography, continues to grow in popularity so does the marketplace surrounding it. At this year’s Macworld/iWorld, there was an abundance of accessories to help you take better photos and videos with your iPhone or iPad.


Macworld/iWorld 2014: 6 About to Break Recap

One of the highlights of this year’s Macworld/iWorld was the inaugural 6 About to Break competition! See who came out as the winner!

Macworld/iWorld Day 3 Agenda

Here is the agenda for everything happening on Day 3 of Macworld/iWorld 2014!


Macworld/iWorld Day 2 Agenda

Here is the agenda for everything happening on Day 2 of Macworld/iWorld 2014!

Macworld/iWorld Day 1 Agenda

Here is the agenda for everything happening on Day 1 of Macworld/iWorld 2014!


Macworld/iWorld Preview Day Schedule

Preview day is an exciting part of Macworld/iWorld — exclusive to media, select exhibitors and those attending full-day workshops.

The Apps You Need for Any Conference

Macworld/iWorld is happening THIS week! It’s time to pack your bags and pack your iPhone with the most useful apps to make sure you capture everything you need before, during and after the Expo.


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup

Product changes and product rumors this week – what do you want to see from Apple most in Q2?

Your Macworld/iWorld Prep Guide

Here is an official guide of everything need to know about preparing for Macworld/iWorld!


Learn from the Pros at Macworld/iWorld!

Learn best practices, useful apps and secret tips and tricks from the experts in these full-day workshops offered the day before the Macworld/iWorld Expo Hall opens.

The Future of Tech: Announcing the 6 About to Break Finalists

Make sure to watch the final six compete on stage at Macworld/iWorld to detemine the winner of the inaugural 6 About to Break competition!


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup

iOS 7.1 was released this week but there’s no slowing down for Apple enthusiasts – rumors are already sparking for what iOS 8 will bring!

6 Technologies Leading Us to the Future

What technology will be the next big thing to change our lives?

Movie Slate

In the Film Business? Get These Apps

Check out the best apps for actors, screenwriters and directors.

Celebrating the Power of Millennials

Millennials are the next generation of technologists, entrepreneurs and futurists. Check out the unique workshops at Macworld/iWorld taught by and for Millennials.


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup

CarPlay dominated Apple news this week as it was released to certain car models. Meanwhile, a number of rumors and revelations point to exciting products and features in the future!

A #TBT Look at the Hottest Expo Hall Products

Take a look at some of the hottest products from last year’s Expo Hall!


The Bridge Between Music & Technology

See how one industry pioneer is creating music with new forms of technology.

All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup

Check out everything Apple that happened this week!


Must Have Apps for the Modern Designer

There are a ton of apps out there for iPhone and iPad that are catered to designers for all aspects of the business – sharing, networking, pricing and of course, creating. Take a look at these top apps!

Two Of the Biggest Names in iPhone Filmography

Read about industry pioneers Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel.


How the iPhone Changed Photography

On the evolution of photography in smartphones, professional photographer James Bareham said “Your equipment no longer defines you, your photographs do.”

All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup

Things certainly didn’t slow down at the end of the week for Apple! After a week consumed with Tesla-Apple rumors, news came in end of day Friday that Apple acquired Burstly. Check it out.

#TBT: Square Demos at Macworld/iWorld

Did you know that the well-known payment app and device, Square, was featured at Macworld/iWorld before it was even available to the market? Take a look.

Artists Using iPads as their Canvas

A new wave of artists and artworks have emerged in the last four years since Apple released the iPad. Take a look!


iOS Developer Profile: MacPaw

MacPaw is returning for another year of Appalooza at Macworld/iWorld 2014! Check out their OS X and iOS apps.

5 Unusual iPhone Accessories We rounded up some of the most unusual and most creative iPhone accessories from around the web, some more practical than others.


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup It was quite a week for Apple! Reports showed that they sold more computers than PCs for the first time and fans confessed their “blind loyalty” to the brand. Good news as product rumors continue around Apple TV, the iWatch and iPhone 6.

#TBT: Late Night with David Pogue This week’s #throwbackthursday post shows that you really never know just what to expect at Macworld/iWorld. At Macworld 2011, there was an unusual group on stage, all before 9 a.m.: David Pogue, LeVar Burton and the team behind AutoTune the News.


Expose Your Product to a Bigger Audience: A Macworld/iWorld Success Story

So you want to expose your product to a bigger audience? Read about Double Robotics, one of the biggest hits of Macworld/iWorld 2013.

iOS Developer Profile: Lightricks

Did you ever take a selfie that was almost perfect? This week’s featured developer created the app that gives you all the tools of Photoshop in an easy-to-use iOS app that gives you the perfect photo!


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup

Tim Cook promises “really great stuff” with no indications of what those might be. Luckily, there are plenty of rumors floating around that are giving us some hints! Here’s the latest from Apple.

#TBT: The MacBrainiac Challenge

One of the longest-running events was the MacBrainiac Challenge, a face-off of two competing teams of Macintosh experts set in a game show format.


Apps For Your Startup

Whether you have an ingenious idea or an actual plan in motion to start a business, there are a number of things to take into consideration. From funding to hiring to getting organized and keeping on track, there’s an app for that!

Tattoo Tributes to Apple: It’s Permanent

One of the most interesting ways Apple has impacted art is through tattoos. Over the years, some Apple fans have commemorating their love and devotion to the brand with permanent ink.


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup

Apple reported a record $57.6 billion in revenue on Monday with the promise to add new product categories. That and plenty of product rumors in this week’s roundup!

#TBT: The John Lennon Bus

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus made an appearance at a number of past Macworld Expos. Did you ever hop on board this mobile recording studio?


iOS Developer Profile: Clear Media This week’s developer profile is Clear Media, makers of ConciseClick® and two beautiful, user-friendly iOS apps. You can check out their app, Appetites, at this year’s Appalooza!

#TBT: 30th Anniversary Tomorrow is the 30th Anniversary of the Macintosh! The historic announcement made by Steve Jobs revolutionized the computer and technology industry. Without it, the iPhone, iPad and certainly Macworld/iWorld would not even exist!


3 Apps to Print Your iPhone and iPad Photos We rounded up some of the best and most convenient apps to print photos directly from your iPhone.

iOS Developer Profile: Phatware Corporation This week’s featured developer, PhatWare Corporation, is another company that will be featured in this year’s Appalooza showcase! Read on to learn more.


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup This week brought continued rumors on the specs and features of upcoming Apple products along with some thoughts about the company’s upcoming financial report. Take a look.

Announcing #6ToBreak Competition with SF New Tech!
If you have a product that launched in the last year, check out this unique opportunity to showcase at Macworld/iWorld 2014!

iOS Developer Profile: Bramber, Inc. We explore Bramber, Inc., the maker of the iOS app, Flashback.

All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup This week has held a lot of product rumors, updates and even more to look forward to in 2014!


#TBT: January 9th at Macworld We’re celebrating the anniversary of two very special innovations – both of which were announced at Macworld on January 9th. Do you know what products were launched today?

iOS Developer Profile: skribl Learn more about Skribl, one of the apps that will be featured at Appalooza during Macworld/iWorld 2014!


Using Your iPad at Work One of the many places the iPad has become a necessity is in the workplace. From business travel to adding an extra screen to your daily routine, there are thousands of apps and uses for the iPad at work. Here are a few tips if you’re using your iPad for work.

All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup We have officially entered 2014 and it’s being pumped up as a huge year for Apple! Here’s some news that rounded off 2013 and kicked off the new year.


All Things Apple: 2013 Roundup Not only was 2013 a huge year for apps but it was pretty big for Apple, too! Here are some of the most important things that happened that will lead Apple into 2014 with “big plans” according to Tim Cook.

Your Must-Have Apps for 2014 This year was a big year for apps. Apple announced that they now have 1 million apps in the US App Store!  With all those apps to choose from, we wanted to know which ones you couldn’t live without. Here’s what you told us.


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup It’s the last full week of 2013 and Apple made one of the biggest announcements of the year. Plus, there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down as Tim Cook promised “big plans” for 2014 in a company-wide memo. Here’s our last Apple roundup until 2014!

3 Apps You Might Not Know About to Stay in Touch Staying in touch with your friends and family can be hard. Luckily, that’s one thing technology has made much easier. With a quick download, swipe and a tap, you could be video chatting with your friends halfway across the globe. We talk about three less-known apps that can help you stay in touch.


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup Apple is wrapping up the year in some pretty memorable ways – a revolutionized Mac Pro, a cheerful new commercial and the option to send your loved ones gifts on iBooks.

Three Must Have Apps For the Holidays The holidays are upon us in full force! What better way to celebrate than with this year’s best holiday apps? We picked three of our favorites to ring in the holiday cheer.


All Things Apple : Weekly Roundup Apple celebrates having both the top-selling and second top-selling smartphones with new patents, product updates and a nice little gift for everyone using iOS.

#TBT: Celebrities at Macworld/iWorld Part 2 Check out another list of notable celebrities who have graced (and even jumped off) the Macworld/iWorld stage.


iOS Developer Profile: David Barnard David Barnard, founder of Contrast, was one of the first participants in Macworld/iWorld’s Appalooza contest!

All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup It’s the last month of the year but things don’t seem to be slowing down with Apple. Do they ever?


#TBT: Celebrities at Macworld/iWorld Part 1 The Macworld/iWorld stage has been graced by quite a few celebrities, each with their own perspectives and experiences with Apple technology. Read on for a list of just some of the celebrities that have spoken at past Macworlds.

iOS Developer Profile: Reallusion Check out our profile of Reallusion who won Best of Show at Macworld/iWorld 2013 for their app CrazyTalk.


All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup More product rumors and a $345 million acquisition in this week’s roundup.

Apps to Becoming an iPhoneographer: Editing Once you’ve gotten your apps for shooting great photos on your iPhone, the next step is editing. We list five iPhone apps to create one-of-a-kind photos.


5 Apps to Make Your Own Music It’s well known that you can watch movies, take pictures and stay organized on your phone and tablet. But did you know that you can make music on iOS devices, too?!

All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup Product updates, rumors and a new Apple campus in this week’s roundup!


Apps to Becoming an iPhoneographer: Shooting The first step to becoming an official ‘iPhoneographer’ is actually shooting the photos with your iPhone. If you’re ready to advance from the basic iPhone camera, check out these five apps for shooting.

iOS Developer Profile: Leah Culver In preparation for Macworld/iWorld 2014, we will be profiling a variety of iOS developers.  First up, we have Leah Culver.


Bizarre Fashion Using Technology Technology companies are taking a stab into the fashion world with the new innovations. Take a look at some of more bizarre trends in wearable technology.

All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup Read on for the most important Apple-related news from the last week.


Music Revolutions at Macworld/iWorld Music has played a huge role at Macworld/iWorld. We list some of the major announcements that have happened on the Macworld stage that revolutionized the music industry.

All Things Apple: Weekly Roundup Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the most important Apple-related news.